Getaway 4WD Club Inc (WA)


Club Photos


Camping in the wonder of the wildflowers near Ninghan Station
Members enjoying a campsite come rain hail or shine
The soft patches when beach driving can be tricky and the key is letting your tyres down to the level that is suitable for your vehicle, its load and the driving conditions
  Travelling in a convoy is a great way to discover new destinations 

 Just another desert sunset
 Ponton Creek crossing
Vultee aircrash site in the Great Western Woodlands
 The Club ambience
Members often go looking for points of interest. Here a Frank Hann blazed mulga near Blaze Point
 Off the David Carnegie Road in search of Mullundella Rock Hole. This is a very interesting section of grassland in an area usually dominated by spinifex
The Club has an avid contingent of plant enthusiasts; here a pic of the rather intriguing upside down pea
 Lake Rason, pic taken on the way to the Doctor Hicks Range