Getaway 4WD Club Inc (WA)


About The Getaway 4WD Club

Our Club Objectives
  • To encourage responsible and skilful use of four wheel drive vehicles in all situations.
  • To encourage Members to respect and preserve the natural environment, the location of historical relics and historical sites. 
  • To enhance the social activities between owners and users of four wheel drive vehicles.
Club member gives a Powerlines Track challenge a go
Our Club Aims
  • To provide a base for Members to plan and execute recreational trips using their four wheel drive vehicles.
  • To provide the opportunity for people with a common interest in recreational four wheel drive travel, to get together.
  • To foster club spirit while developing friendships.
  • To give Members the opportunity to travel and explore remote regions of Australia with the security that other Members provide.
  • To provide social activities for Members.
  • To share experiences and skills with fellow Members.

Water tower remnant on the abandoned Mt Magnet to Sandstone rail line


Visitors to the Club


Visitors will be asked to complete a Visitor's Details form. Visitors who are invited to join Club trips will be required to respect relevant clauses in the Club's Constitution and Rules.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Type of Vehicle required to be owned by Visitor in order to be eligible for Membership, and for joining Club trips:

Club Rules - 6.1    TYPE OF VEHICLE

Vehicles that are classed as 4 wheel drive, either constantly or by manually invoking the second set of wheels to be driven by the motor via gearbox/transfer box are suitable. However, it is strongly recommended that:

•    The vehicle is equipped with high and low range gears.
•    The vehicle has good ground clearance.
•    The vehicle has good approach, departure and ramp over angles.

Visitor Responsibilities:

Club Rules - 5    VISITORS

Visitors may be invited to attend and participate in Club activities, providing that, they agree to abide by the Club Constitution, Rules and Codes.

Although Visitors should read all of this manual and the Club Constitution so as to determine that they are prepared to accept the conditions and rules therein, the Visitor/s is expressly directed to the following sections of this Rules and Codes Manual.

(a)    Clause 4    THE CLUB’S CODE OF ETHICS
(b)    Clause 5    VISITORS
(c)    Clause 6    4WD VEHICLES
(f)     Clause 10    TRIPS CONTRIBUTIONS
(g)    Clause 11    CONVOY PROCEDURES
(l)     Clause 26    SMOKING
(n)    Clause 28    ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES

By joining the Trip or other club activity, the Visitor or Visitors have indicated that, they have accepted the Club's Constitution, Rules and Codes and that they will abide by them.

Where a Club Member invites along a Visitor/s to a trip or other Club activity, it is that Member's responsibility to act as monitor for the Visitor/s and to advise the Visitor/s of the Club’s requirements, in particular:

•    To loan to the Visitor/s, a copy of the Club Constitution and a copy of the Club’s Rules and Codes Manual to read and then return, to enable the Visitor/s to determine that they are prepared to accept and abide by the conditions and rules therein, in order to participate in Club activities.
•    That the Visitor’s vehicle is fitted with and or carries the equipment as listed in the Club’s Mandatory Equipment List.


Trip Leaders will need to satisfy themselves that, Visitors have read, accepted and agreed to abide by the Club Constitution, Rules and Codes.

The Trip Leader may also exempt the Visitor from some of the items listed on the Club’s Mandatory Equipment List, but not from the Mandatory Recovery Points, front and rear of their vehicle.

Visitors should be aware that their conduct on Club activities will be a critical consideration for potential 'invitation to membership' of the Club.

 Club Convoy Procedures



These vehicles all have the Club's mandatory equipment fitted

Visitors wishing to progress to Membership of the Club:


A Person wishing to become a member of the Club, will be required to:

(a)    Attend a minimum of 2 Club overnight camping trips to a maximum of 3 overnight camping trips using their own vehicle and the driver or drivers and the vehicle shall comply with clause 6 Type of Vehicle.
(b)    Attend a minimum of 2 Club General Meetings to a maximum of 3 General Meetings.
(c)    After attending the prescribed minimum number of Club trips and meetings, may be invited, by the Committee, to make an application for membership of the Club.

The prospective member shall then:

(a)    Complete a Membership/Renewal Application Form.
(b)    Have a Proposer and Seconder sign the Application Form.
(c)    Include the payment of a non refundable application fee.
(d)    Include the payment of the prescribed fee for the type of membership, adjusted for the period of membership.
(e)    Submit their application and associated fees to the Club Treasurer.

Club Constitution - 13.2.    Application for Membership

Family and Single membership shall be dependent on the Member paying Membership subscription fees and fulfilling the requirements described by the Club’s Rules and/or as may be determined from time to time by the Committee and/or any carried resolution.

A person who wishes to become a Member shall apply for membership to the Committee, in writing, on the Club’s Form for Membership. The Form for Membership shall be signed by the applicant and by two (2) Club Members, one as the proposer and one as the seconder.

The Committee shall, at a Committee meeting, consider each application made and shall accept or reject that application.
Each application for membership, upon acceptance and approval of that application shall, on becoming a Member of the Club, be bound by the Constitution, Rules and Codes and of the Club.

The Committee may refuse any application for membership without assigning any reason.